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A space to

Built to completion and designed for you.
No permit required.

Our Range

Create a state-of-the-art backyard office, music studio or recreational space around your existing home. The build is highly customisable meaning it can be tailored to your needs.






Sound Pod

QB 2.4

Our Process.

1.1: Our planning manager will compile a property report in consultation with local council planning and building departments.

1.2We'll schedule a meeting to discuss the pod's location, your requirements, and any upgrades, as well as select finishes for your backyard room.

1.3: You'll receive a detailed quotation for the project, including itemized optional add-ons for complete transparency.

2.1: Our architect will design your backyard studio to your specifications, including floor plans, site plans, and electrical plans.

2.2: We'll go through a few rounds of revisions to ensure the plans meet your expectations.

2.3: Once finalized, our design consultant and project manager will conduct a physical site visit and mark the pod's location.

3.1: We'll finalize the selection of finishes and fixtures and generate a minor works contract.

3.2: Off-site ordering and prefabrication will begin.

3.3: The entire project typically takes 10 to 14 days to complete. Upon completion, we'll hand over your beautifully finished backyard pod.

Start designing your Think Pod today.

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