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A commitment to quality

Our backyard pods are well made with high quality materials to ensure that it endures.



Welcome to Thinkpods!

At Thinkpods, we are revolutionizing the way people work and thrive in their home environments.
Our mission is to empower individuals and teams with cutting-edge designs and innovative spaces
that enhance productivity, foster creativity, and promote well-being.
Founded on passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Thinkpods has quickly become a
respected name in the industry. Our team is driven by a focus on innovation and the relentless
pursuit of excellence in every product we create.

Our Story

Founded in 2010 as Garden Studios and later changing our name to Thinkpods, we began with a
simple idea: to provide consumers with efficient, comfortable, and inspiring workspaces within their
homes. With remote work and telecommuting becoming more prevalent in recent years, we
recognized the growing need for high-quality home offices that seamlessly blend functionality with
Inspired by a commitment to complete customer satisfaction, we embarked on a journey to design
and manufacture top-of-the-line home office solutions. Through years of research, development,
and collaboration with industry experts, we have refined our products to offer unparalleled comfort,
durability and style.

Our Vision

We envision a world where work spaces seamlessly integrate into everyday life—simplifying tasks,
sparking inspiration, and unlocking human potential. Through our products and services, we have
positioned ourselves at the forefront of revolutionising the future of both work and play.

What Sets Us Apart

Innovative Solutions: We don’t just follow trends; we set them. Our team is constantly
exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of technology to bring you clever and
satisfying solutions.

User-Centric Design: Every product we design is crafted with the end user in mind. We
believe in creating intuitive, user-friendly experiences that enhance productivity and provide
genuine comfort in your space.

Reliability and Quality: Quality is at the core of everything we do. From our sub-floor and
footing system to the quality of windows and cladding, we ensure that all our products meet
the highest standards of reliability and durability.

Customer Satisfaction: Everything we build will add value to our customers’ lives and be an
aesthetically pleasing addition to their home.

Stay Connected.

Whether you're working from home, launching a new business, or seeking a dedicated space for a side project, our backyard pods seamlessly integrate with your existing internet connection to keep you connected.

A Backyard Room that Feels Like Home

A Backyard Room that Feels Like Home

We'll assist you in designing the perfect backyard studio that complements your home's interior finishes. Our backyard rooms come standard with plasterboard and can be painted in any colour you choose. We can even match your home's skirtings, architraves, and cornices for an even more elevated and cohesive look.

Insulate Yourself From The Elements and Rising Utility Costs

Our backyard studios are equipped with high-grade insulation and double-glazed windows, ensuring warmth during winter and coolness during summer. Our commitment to energy efficiency helps you maintain a comfortable backyard room while minimizing utility costs.

All you need in a creative space.

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