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Why You Need a Think Pod – Home Office Pod

A Think Pod is a prefabricated home office pod below 10sqm that doesn’t require a building permit. Due to the growing number of people working remotely, home office pods are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne. A Think Pod can offer you the privacy you need to work or study by giving you a dedicated workspace that is affordable, aesthetically appealing, and detached from all the noise.

If you’ve been looking for a prefabricated home office for your backyard or side lot that will give you a quiet and secluded place to study or work, keep reading! We’ll go over the advantages of having a prefabricated home office pod, the process of building a custom-made one, and our available options.

Who Are Thinkpods For?

Whether you’re a busy executive who recently switched to working remotely or a stay-at-home mom who needs a quiet place to do yoga, Think Pods are for anyone. They’re an affordable way to get away from the noise and focus on your tasks distraction-free.

Advantages of Building a Home Office Pod

Aside from being convenient and giving you a private and quiet place to work or study, a prefabricated home office brings several other benefits:

  • No building permit required
  • Quick to Build
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Less commuting
  • Gas savings
  • Tax deductable

The Process of Building a Home Office Pod

At Thinkpods, we have five prebuilt models for you to choose from. Just pick a base model and then customise it. Your pod is either built on-site, or craned in fully assembled.

It takes about 14 days to build from foundation to finish, with actual build time taking around seven working days. The process starts with hooking up the electricity at the site on day one. After that, we lay a pile-driven foundation, and then we start building your custom pod.

We offer the ability to soundproof your pod, and you can choose from several double-glazed door and window options. Customise your Thinkpod to accentuate your home office’s aesthetic value and make sure that it looks fantastic on your property.

Our Thinkpod Collection offers excellent thermal protection with very little maintenance required. Soundproofing is available beyond the standard insulation thickness of 2.7 for walls and 2.15 for floors. The well-constructed inside is finished with plaster and painted, similar to the structure of a conventional home.

Please note that the models over 10sqm will require an installation permit.


Our prebuilt and custom-made home offices offer affordability and privacy if you require a quiet environment to work or study. They are an attractive, tax-deductible, and long-lasting investment that will pay you back for years to come. They are quick to build and don’t require a building permit.

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