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Sensei Home Office

Jim Grant’s Perfect Home Office

The Sensei is undoubtedly our most popular pod. Jim Grant has transformed this versatile space into the perfect home office, but it can also be used as a gym, or recreational area. One of the key advantages of the Sensei home office is that because of its footprint below 10 square meters, it does not require a building permit in Melbourne. This makes it a convenient and cheap option for adding extra space to your property.

Home Office for Productive Meetings

In addition to Jim using it as a private workspace, the Sensei pod also facilitates meetings with clients and colleagues. Its practical design promotes a productive atmosphere for discussions and consultations.
Boosting productivity with the Sensei Pod
Jim Grant recognized the benefits of having a separate workspace close to his main house. By utilizing the pod as his home office, he eliminated the need for a daily commute to town. The pod’s privacy enabled Jim to focus on his work without distractions. At the same time he stayed within walking distance of his home’s amenities. 


Thinkpods offers a range of pod designs, all built on the 10-square meter platform. This gives customers like Jim Grant the flexibility to choose a design that best suits their needs. Whether you need an office space, a gym, a recreational area, a music room, or a custom design, Thinkpods can help you turn your dream into a reality.

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