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Why I Moved my Home Office Outside

If you are a Mom or Dad who has recently moved their office to their house, you may feel that you save a lot of time by not having to drive to work. You can also be around your family the whole day for anything they need. But after a few months of working from home, I realized I couldn’t finish my work on time. Consequently, I was overworking without any progress and ended up spending no quality time with my Family. Then it suddenly hit me that I need a Thinkpod – an outside home office that allows you to focus deeply on your work.

 A lot of benefits come with setting up an outside home office. Here are the top four reasons why I got one.

Semi-Private Working Space

My problem with working inside the house was the inability to work to focus while also spending quality time with my Family. Since got my custom home office or Thinkpod , I have been able to work without being distracted. I am also at a close range to the children, where I can help them.

The outside work environment is semi-private. It, therefore, provides all the benefits of privacy to focus on work and be closer to the family.


Initially, building an office in my garden was something I could never consider. Partly because I thought the whole process was complex and expensive. The whole process was so simple in design and expenditure. The best thing, nevertheless, is that I’m still a door away from my kids if they need me.

Proper Work/Home Divide

This is the greatest benefit of an outside office. By being able to work with the family around, I enjoy the time I spend with them. Initially, it was all about worry and uncompleted tasks. Since I set up my Thinkpod, however, the time with my family is much more enjoyable.  With increased focus, my to-do list clears early, giving me ample time to spend with them. Good for Mental Health In addition, they gave me the option to create my office space the way and where I wanted. There is an increase in my productivity and ability to focus better because of the nature present while working outside.

Final Thoughts

What was life-changing for me after working from home was my discovery of thinkpods. This is a place where I am aware of my environment while also being able to accomplish my to-do list. My thinkpod is the best decision I made. An outside office has had numerous benefits than I had anticipated. Having an office outside has opened me to nature, and consequently, there’s a positive shift in my ability to think. Nature is therapeutic. My evenings have been significantly happier because I have had a productive morning and can enjoy time with my Family without thinking of work.

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