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Our bespoke backyard studio offering caters to clients with distinct design preferences, providing tailored backyard pods and backyard offices beyond our standard models. These backyard rooms are designed to match your unique specifications, featuring custom footprints to suit your needs.

Choose from a variety of exotic external cladding options, including spotted gum, castellated cladding, and shou sugi ban. Additionally, our bespoke backyard pods can be enhanced with custom-manufactured doors and windows to reflect your preference of natural light.

Occasionally, clients request modifications to our existing backyard room designs to better align with their requirements, such requests are typically more economically priced.

No more commuting.
No more distractions.

Our ThinkPods give you the flexibility to work from home and be productive in a quiet and connected workspace that feels like a room in your house. Boost your work-life balance today.

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