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Thinkpod on a Steep Slope

Today we got a story you’re going to love. We’ve embarked on a deeply personal and revolutionary project, courageously building a Thinkpod on a very steep gradient. Given the challenging terrain, we embarked on designing and constructing a Thinkpod on a Steep Slope. The client’s desire was simple to visualize yet complex execute: To integrate a functional workspace without diminishing the backyard’s expanse and at all cost avoid removing soil to level the garden. Simply put ,”work with the topography”, within the lay of the land.

Crafting The Pod:

The initial challenge was the foundation – a stable, level base on the uneven slope. We used a pile foundation with 6 footings, and with this we established a solid base that paved the way for the project’s evolution.

Over the course of two weeks, we meticulously constructed the studio. The Studio sits on a high vantage point created by the steep slope, looking out over the backyard with a beautiful picture Window that seems to soak in the Garden’s view. Furthermore, the office area sits in front of the picture window drawing on the garden aspect. This positioning offered not only a special opportunity to enjoy a unique view above the level of the Garden. It also provided the newly built home office a degree of distance, giving the Thinkpod its own environment. By Making clever choices, on the steep slope, we added value that increase the entire property’s appeal. We’re confident it will make the home more appealing for potential buyers.

The new space was resounding approval by the client and his family. Beyond its functionality, the Thinkpod stands as a compelling testament to innovative design and efficient space utilization, all done while preserving the integrity of the surroundings.

The Thinkpod Experience:

We’re not just builders; we think we are dream-crafters. We take the time to listen and understand your needs and ideas carefully. This results in bringing something unique to life. By making sure your ideas become an amazing reality, we are rewarded by witnessing happy clients. In every Thinkpod’s creation, we blend contemporary elegance with the existing surroundings to create a space for the creative mind.

If you are interested in getting most out of your backyard, especially if it has a sloped? Contact us for a free consultation and share your vision.

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